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Son of Waves Screenplay.

Award-Winning Musician, Dylan Tauber, Releases First Screenplay

Northern Israel - April 15, 2018 - Award-winning electronic musician, artist and author, Dylan Tauber, announced the release of his new screenplay/short story, "Son of Waves." The playwright is providing a free download of his newest endeavor that offers a new perspective on the afterlife, the nature of the universe and the digital age.

"The screenplay is semi-autobiographical and was inspired by my experience photographing a homeless man named David on the beach in Tel Aviv years ago," said Tauber. "The screenplay is also about my wish for a more loving and healthy world without wars or destruction of the environment, and my interest in the afterlife and out of body experiences."

"Son of Waves" offers a visual feast featuring 22 of Tauber's original photographs and digital images, and fans can download his accompanying 21-track electronica soundtrack. The screenplay chronicles the life and rebirth of David, an ordinary man that awakens on the astral plane to discover he's the Messiah, soon to be returned to Earth. He receives instructions from the angels that he'll be met by Son of Waves and 12 dolphins.

Upon his return to Earth, David meets a variety of characters that know who he really is and that he's on a mission of redemption, one of whom is B.K. Park, a man who has been able to travel out-of-body at will since he was a child and recognizes aliens on the ethereal plane.

David acquires body guards ranging from extraterrestrials and members of the Shin Bet of the Israel Security Agency to the South Korean Tae Kwon Do team to protect him until he can complete his mission.

Tauber takes readers on a journey during which he interweaves the concepts of UFOs and galactic visitors, terrorism and telepathy. The author incorporates artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and shows the audience a potential future in which David's soul becomes the foundation of a new Internet network of love that can be accessed by mobile device.

"Son of Waves" explores a variety of concepts in a new light and opens the door to a deeper examination of the nature of faith and the unseen. Combined with Tauber's original artwork and music that can be found at Son of Waves Studios, "Son of Waves" is a fully immersive experience.

About Dylan Tauber

Dylan Tauber is an award-winning electronic musician, artist and author who began his prolific career in 1996. He operates a network of 19 websites, online imaging and photo gallery, and a video archive that has attained over 2.4 million page views. He's released two books, two eBooks, 12 music albums, and a picture book of his photography and digital art. His music has been featured on more than 65 radio stations, reviewed in over 40 music publications and his music video, "He Loves Carmen Remix" was shown on Channel 98 TV in Israel.

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Name: Dylan Tauber

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