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Infinite music, multimedia, and imaging studio.

"Take a moment of truth... . then copy and paste."

  SWStudios.net or Son of Waves Studios, runs the SWS network of 21 sites including DylanTauber.com, SWStudios.net, DoubleMirrors.com, DolphinNet.org, and 303net.com. Over 3 million page views have been recorded since 1996. SWS is dedicated to digitizing hardcore spirit and providing the network to communicate the result.

Dylan Tauber

  • Studio:
  • multimedia / web network - 21 sites
    1. DylanTauber.com
    2. DoubleMirrors.com
    3. SWStudios.net
    4. 303net.com
    5. DolphinNet.org
    6. Dolphin1.net
    7. DylanDolphin.com
    8. IsraelNDE.org
    9. AstralHealing.org
    10. 12Dolphins.org
    11. DylanTauber.net
    12. DolphinMusic.net
    13. IamTesla.org
    14. DolphinMusic.org
    15. FXtime.biz
    16. DylanTauber.me
    17. CyberArtist.net
    18. SonofWaves.net
    19. Dylan.promo
    20. SonofWaves.promo
    21. CyberArtist.me
  • Electronic music by Dylan Tauber
  • full electronic music recording studio.
  • Twelve ambient / electronica / trance music albums
  • Production of 18 music videos.
  • Dylan Tauber music reviews.
  • Dylan Tauber radio play.
  • Imaging by Dylan Tauber
  • Digital Art / Photo Gallery
  • Dolphin Art Gallery
  • DylanTauber.com Artwork
  • DoubleMirrors.com Gallery
  • SWS Photo Slide Show by Dyan Tauber
  • DoubleMirrors Picture Book: 80 pages, with Xlibris, published in 2005, and revised with Blurb.com in 2018.
  • Writing by Dylan Tauber
  • "Son of Waves": A Screenplay / Short Story by Dylan Tauber on SonofWaves.promo, 2018
  • Son of Waves 2.0: A Short Story by Dylan Tauber, released 2019, contact me for the password
  • "Theories by Dylan Tauber" The Double Mirrors Theory, and Ones and Theory by Dylan Tauber, released October 25, 2019
  • Double Mirrors Theory on DoubleMirrors.com
  • Ones and Zeros Theory on SWStudios.net
  • text excerpts on DoubleMirrors.com
  • DoubleMirrors.com Journal
  • Double Mirrors ebook, released 2013
  • The Doorway ebook, released 2013
  • Dylan Tauber on Author's Den
  • Dylan Tauber on GoodReads.com
  • Author page on Amazon.com
  • Artist Publicity:
  • DoubleMirrors Network
  • 303net Network- 420 artist members
  • DolphinNet Network- 200 member sites
  • FXtime.biz- SWS is seeking an international music publicist

  • Son of Waves Studios:
    SWS NYC- 1993-1996
    SWS Jerusalem- 1997-2000
    SWS Miami - 1998
    SWS Island - 2001
    SWS Northern Israel - 2005-2019

    contact SWS

    All work © copyright, 1997-2019, by Son of Waves Studios. All rights reserved.

    Music CDs, MP3's, and downloads by Son of Waves Studios





    Double Mirrors Soundtrack
    24 tracks! ambient/electronica dolphin music. Available for free download
     The Doorway
    Ambient/techno SWS Album. 12 tracks highly acclaimed tracks.Available for free download
    The Healing
    SWS Album. 14 tracks. Available for free download
    SWS Album.30 tracks. Available for free download
     Ones and Zeros
    SWS Album. Available for free download
    2006 SWS album. 35 of the best tracks from 1996-2006. Available for free download.



    Compilation 2
    New SWS Album. the best songs from 2006-2016. Available for free download.
    SWS Album.13 tracks. Available for free download
    Sounds from Space
    New 2017 SWS album. 15 tracks.
    Available for free download.
    Near Death Experience
    2015 - new album by SWS.
    Available for free download.
    Dolphin Trance
    2015 album by SWS.
    Available for free download.
    Dolphin Trance 2
    2016 album by SWS.
    Available for free download.

     2018 - Double Mirrors picture book now for sale by Blurb.com. 86 pages of photographs and digital art from the DoubleMirrors.com gallery, by Dylan Tauber. Order now - click image on left!

    2018 - "Son of Waves" screenplay for free download. Original writing, photography, and digital art, about Son of Waves, 12 Dolphins to save the planet, David The Visionary on the beach in Tel Aviv, a digital messiah, and an internet of Love - click image on left!

     2019 - "Theories". The Double Mirrors Theory, and Ones and Theory by Dylan Tauber. Free PDF download from DoubleMirrors.com. Published October 25, 2019 with Smashwords.com - click image on left!

     2019 - "Son of Waves 2.0". A true story, with original photography, of my journey around the planet, and to many Pacific islands...only to find my own soul, and a woman named Carmen. Free PDF download from SonofWaves.promo - click image on left!

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